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2023 Price List

Board Rates


Board at training facilities is billed directly from barn owners, not Eclipse Equestrian. Rates range from $600-1450 depending on facility. 

For Eclipse Equestrian Home Farm, please make all boarding arrangements directly with:

Lindsay Linford


Training Rates


Full Training $850

Includes 4-5 sessions per week

Please note that training packages must be paid in advance on the 1st of each month. If the training package is not paid for by the 5th of each month, your horse will be removed from Full Training and charged on a per-session basis at the end of the month, this also includes the loss of the Full Training Discount at horse shows. 

If for any reason the minimum 15 guaranteed training sessions are not met within a month, a credit will be given on the next months invoice.

Training sessions within a training package are interchangeable between lessons and training rides.    

Individual Training Session

$65/lesson or training ride

$80/training ride for outdoor horses if owner is not available to groom

Sales Horse Program $650

Please contact Eclipse Equestrian to verify if your horse qualifies for the Sales Horse Program, and to receive a copy of the Sales Horse Package. 

Horse Show Rates



Hauling *from main training facility

$120 RMSJ/Spruce Meadows (round trip)

$200 Royal West (round trip)

$1400 TBird and Brandon MB (round trip) +temporary fuel surcharge of 15%

$1650 Palm Springs (one way) +border fees + temporary fuel surcharge of 15%

*Please note that these prices may change at any time to reflect current fuel prices.

Day Fees

$70/day for coaching OR professional ride ($60 for Full Training clients)

+ $25 for coaching AND professional ride

Set Up Fee 


This fee is to help cover our horse show equipment, equipment wear and tear, and staff during set up and tear down at horse shows. This fee will only be charged once for multi-week horse shows.   


Care Fees    

There are four levels of care available to suit a client’s needs at a horse show.  If a client would like a care program, this must be made known prior to show in order to arrange staff accordingly. 

Feeding $5

*MANDATORY if more than 3 clients* Includes AM, Noon and PM feeding of hay and grain, and top off of waters.

Basic Care $20

Feeding + stall mucking x2 and water bucket cleaning 

Full Care $30

Basic Care + wrap removal and hand walking 

Full Groom $75

Full Care + tack/untack, bath, leg care and tack cleaning

Please note that full groom fees may differ at away shows depending on groom availability.

Trainer Split 1    

Not applicable at local shows. At shows away from home, clients shall cover the cost of trainer and trainer assistants travel, accommodations, and car rental when applicable. The direct cost of these expenses is split between each client attending show. Eclipse Equestrian will ALWAYS do the best to keep these costs as low as possible. 


Other Show Fees- Not related to Eclipse Equestrian services

Show Fees    

Each horse show is different. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they have read through the prize list when entering a competition and ensure they understand the costs pertaining to that show. Eclipse Equestrian cannot be held responsible for misunderstanding of show fees.


Trainer Split 2    

The second trainer split will be on your show bill. This amount is the direct cost split amongst the attending clients for tack and feed stalls, feed and bedding ordered at a horse show, and RV spots for trainers and trainer assistants. 

Please note: If you would prefer your own private groom stall, you must request it on your entry form for the horse show. Please also let it be known to Julia or Lindsay so Eclipse Equestrian does not overbook groom stalls, and to ensure you are not charged for the communal groom stalls. 

  • When budgeting for a horse show, please consider the cost for your own travel and accommodations, as well as food.

  • Before each show, go over the checklist provided by Eclipse Equestrian to ensure you have the proper equipment and dress for desired competitions, and to make certain that all equipment is packed to prevent having to purchase required items while at a show. 


Other Fees


Late Fee        

5% of previous invoice will be charged as a late fee if invoice has not been paid prior to the next billing cycle. 

Cancellation Fee        

$30 charge for same day training session cancellations

Attending Fee        

$30/hour for attending/handling horse for any vet, farrier, therapeutic appointments, etc.

*Not applicable for full training horses

Expense Recovery Fee  

These fees apply when Eclipse Equestrian covers an expense on your behalf and in turn adds it to your Eclipse Invoice. 

5% for arranged expense coverage

15% for outstanding invoices to other contractors not paid in time



Direct cost

Please note: You may choose to organize and use your own farrier, otherwise Thomas Linford will put your horse on a regular schedule and bill E.E. at the end of each month. 

You may also see the following fees added to your bill, however none of the following services will be performed or charged without prior consent:

  • Commission for horse sale/lease and associated fees (as per Sales Agent Agreement)

  • Horse shopping and sales actions fees (as per Purchase Agent Agreement)

  • Braiding

  • Body clipping

  • Mane pulling

  • Show clean up (muzzle, bridle path, beard, legs)

  • Sheath cleaning

  • Merchandise- if not paid directly to merchant


When budgeting, you also need to consider vet bills (maintenance and emergency) and the costs of tack and equipment. Please set up an account at TD Equine Vet Clinic for your horses vet needs.

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